One of the downsides to any sport are the injuries and with mountaineering or climbing, potential death too. Having medical and emergency evacuation insurance is not only mandatory for most major expeditions but very smart too.

Injuries sustained while mountaineering are not covered by regular insurance plans [while climbing in Canada, the Canadian government insurance does cover injuries but not emergency evacuation]. Furthermore, any life insurance coverage you may have is also likely not applicable while mountaineering.

Finally, you may have paid a lot of money to not only purchase a guided ascent, but also your flights and gear among many other things. You may also want to purchase additional insurance for your trip. For example, delayed and/or lost baggage can be difficult to manage when your trip schedule is tight. Additionaly, falling sick or a family challenge prior to your trip may force you to cancel the expedition entirely.

Listed below are the 3 common types of insurance you should consider purchasing.


Medical & Evac Insurance

As Canadians, we are accustomed to receiving health and dental coverage provided by our government. While traveling to another country for mountaineering, consider purchasing medical and emergency evacuation insurance. I use Ingle Insurance's TuGo coverage. Visit to get your insurance quote.

For treks/climbs up-to 6,000m add the "Adventure Sports Coverage" rider and above 6,000m add the "Extreme Sports Coverage" rider.

Life Insurance

Most of us already have life insurance. Unfortunately, while mountaineering, it normally does not apply. Consider purchasing the adequate life insurance you require while on a mountaineering expedition. I use Global Underwriters' GAAP coverage plan.

Call Global Underwriters at +1-800-423-8496 to get accidental death and dismemberment coverage. They offer it in varying increments from $100k to $1M. Be sure to add the "Hazardous Activity and Sports" rider. They also offer emergency evacuation and international medical (accident and sickness) coverage.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

Depending on what you have spent for your expedition and flight fees, you may consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. Many companies offer this service including your credit card company. Investigate your options before going out and purchasing this type of coverage.

Trip interruption is strongly advised and can be added as an option to your medical and evac insurance for a very low cost. For example, Ingle's TuGo coverage has a Trip Interruption option that covers up-to $25,000 CAD for $43.00 (updated Jan 11, 2018).